{Nicki’s Verse}
Dutty gyal!
When yuh see mi, ‘ere weh yuh fi do
Big chain, and it heavy too!
RESPECT. How yuh gwan like we nuh
pave way?
Queen, yuh! London, wait, we ah di
same weh!
Come ‘ere bwoy! Bowcat, oh, true yuh
Weh yuh wallet? Yeh, yuh ‘ave it? Mmm,
gimme it!
Kartel. Beenie Man. Bounty Killa too!
Roll di weed, buss ah dutch, or rizzla
Bruk it out! Flip. Land pon yuh head
Brooklyn. When we shoot, Net gyal!
Trinidad, and nuh James mi ah chat
Pussyhole! Gyal ah bitter, ah weh dat
Dirty girl. (Dutty gyal in patois can be
equal to saying hoe) when you see me,
you have to bow down.
Big chain, and its heavy too
RESPECT. How you acting like we ain’t
pave the way?
Queen, yeah! London, we are the same
Come here boy! (Bowcat in Jamaica is
a boy that goes down) True you’re
Where’s ya wallet? You have it? Give it
to me!
Kartel, Beenie Man, Bounty Killa too!
(Big Reggae artists in Jamaica)
Roll the weed, buss open a duch, or
rizzla (herb rolling papers) too!
Bruk it out! (Wine) Flip. Land on your
head too.
Brooklyn. When we shoot, Net (Nets
Barclays Center in Brooklyn) girl!
Trinidad, and I’m not talking about
Trinidad James (She’s talking about
Trinidad, the country).
Pussyhole! (A Jamaican curse word,
equivelent to saying muthafucka)
Girls are bitter, but what’s that