Nokia hasn’t officially announced its Lumia 928 smartphone yet, but that hasn’t stopped the company from advertising the Verizon-bound flagship device.

Engadget reports that the not-so-mysterious Windows Phone has popped up on a billboard (location unclear) and in a Vanity Fair magazine advertisement. Both ads focus on the Lumia 928’s photography features. Nokia’s “PureView” camera technology boosts low-light performance, while optical image stabilization and Carl Zeiss optics help provide a clear picture.

It sounds a lot like the Lumia 920 that AT&T sells, except this version could be a Verizon Wireless exclusive in the United States. The two phones certainly look similar, but a side-by-side comparison (pictured below) suggests that Nokia has trimmed some of the bezel. Rumors have suggested that the Lumia 928 will have the same 4.5-inch screen size as the 920, but a more compact design would be a welcome change.

Nokia has since posted its own teaser…

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