If u dont have it…go en’ grab 1


Something funny’s going on with Sony’s PlayStation Vita handheld.

As Joystiq reports, several Sony stores around the United States are selling the 3G Vita for $200, which is $50 less than the Wi-Fi-only model. Some other stores told Joystiq that Sony is discontinuing the 3G model altogether.

Meanwhile, Sony’s online store has dropped the price of the 3G PS Vita down to $250 — same as its Wi-Fi counterpart. That 3G bundle also comes with an 8 GB memory card and a free PSN game.

It gets weirder. If you go to GameStop’s PS Vita landing page right now, the retailer only lists refurbished units and a $300 bundle of games and hardware. If you want to buy a new, standalone Vita from GameStop, you can’t; the full list of Vita hardware on GameStop’s website shows that all models are out of stock, both Wi-Fi and 3G, with the…

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