Opinion on Windows 8 may be all over the map, but here’s one thing we all should be able to agree on: the more apps that take full advantage of the Windows 8 interface, the better shape the operating system will be in. What it needs, and hasn’t had, is a profusion of killer apps.

At yesterday’s DEMO Mobile conference in San Francisco, I saw one of the first third-party Windows 8 programs that got me excited: TouchMail. As its name indicates, it’s an e-mail client designed for touch input.

More important, though, it’s an e-mail client that feels like it was born to work well on Windows 8. For instance, instead of a conventional inbox, you get tiles which show incoming messages and provide a longer-than usual snippet of text. (They can be color-coded, so you can spot messages from your boss or your spouse.) You can…

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