As phone makers push screen sizes ever-larger, it seems like just a matter of time before Windows Phone gets in on the phablet craze.

Citing unnamed sources, Financial Times reports that Nokia is working on one such gargantuan phone. Details are scarce, but the report claims that Nokia’s phablet will outshine Samsung’s Galaxy Note in tech specs and will be the “most innovative” product in Nokia’s 2013 lineup.

It’s just a rumor, and even if it’s true, Nokia’s plans could always change. But at this point, it seems pretty likely that some phone makers will give phablets a shot on the Windows Phone platform. (Phablets, if you’re not hip to the silly tech jargon, generally refers to phones with displays larger than five inches, but smaller than seven inches.)

Why has it taken so long? Until about a year ago, it wasn’t clear whether people actually wanted oversized…

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