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Vivek and Thorsten present BlackBerry 10

The BlackBerry 10 launch event has already brought some amazing news. Now we’re looking at the new BBM Video Chat featuring Screenshare technology. This brings BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger, to the next level and highlights the essence of BlackBerry 10 – real-time communication. Here at the event, Vivek made the first public BBM Video Chat live from New York City to London, England, meeting face-to-face with Andrew Bocking, SVP, Software Product Management at BlackBerry.

Imagine also being able to share your screen with friends and family as you walk them through a photo album – or with colleagues as you walk through a document or presentation – all while still staying on the call. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

To see it in action for yourself, checkout this walkthrough with Vivek:

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

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