Let’s hop in the TIME Wayback Machine to see which notable tech-related stories were published on December 28 between 1923 and today.

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Science: Soundless (Dec. 28, 1925):

Can anything be done to keep you from hearing simultaneously the matrimonial differences of the slovenly young couple upstairs, the radio in 4-A, the quacking of the saxophone across the hall and the telephonic improprieties of the bachelor below? Steel girders, plaster and cement can muffle but never quite extinguish sound; but last week a scientist came forward with the statement that noise can be kept out of a room just as well as a snowstorm can; that a scream can be locked up. He, Dr. Paul Heyl, Chief of the U. S. sound laboratory (Bureau of Standards), has invented a soundproof partition, which he demonstrated in Washington…

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