One of the principal things that’s new about Nintendo’s Wii U gaming console is its WiiTV feature. WiiTV wasn’t quite ready when the console shipped last month, though — and even the version which is now available is a work in progress.

But one Wii U video feature was ready for the console’s launch: Netflix. On one level, that wasn’t surprising. You can stream Netflix to more than 800 different devices; it’s pretty much a baseline capability for an Internet-connected entertainment gadget, and it’s worthy of note when something doesn’t have it.

Netflix’s timely arrival on the Wii U did mean, however, that Netflix had to design, create and test the app well before the console was actually available. And creating a Netflix app for Wii U presented some new challenges, since this gaming system’s user interface is such a departure from the Wii and other consoles. I…

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