Last week, there were rumors that T-Mobile USA was about to announce a deal to bring the iPhone to its network. Rumors that were very much like the ones which have popped up for years without ever amounting to anything.

But this time, it’s the real deal, or close enough: As Engadget’s Brad Molen reports, T-Mobile’s U.S. subsidiary has offhandedly announced that it’s working with Apple to release “products” in 2013.

And that’s all it’s announced. But the logical assumption is that T-Mobile customers will finally get the iPhone — and the iPad? — once the company has rolled out LTE coverage to a decent number of cities, which it plans to do next year.

So if you’re on T-Mobile, crave an iPhone and aren’t about to acquire your own unlocked unit elsewhere, you have a new question to wonder about: Will a T-Mobile iPhone 5 be available…

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