iTunes 11 may be the boldest reboot of Apple‘s multi-platform media player and aggregation tool since the company launched the software over a decade ago. I’ve been playing with it since it arrived, and generally speaking, I like it for the same reasons my colleague (and TIME Tech editor) Doug Aamoth does.

I love the elegant, streamlined new front-end, for instance, as well as the hidden sidebars (the whole “edge-to-edge” thing is nifty), the much more functional mini-player and the helpful “Up Next” programming feature (a refined version of iTunes DJ, though some claim it subtracts functionality — I never used iTunes DJ, so can’t say).

But it’s not flawless. While I’m still running bug-free, I have stumbled on a few quirks as well as one conspicuous hangover that altogether renders iTunes 11 a slightly less than premium experience.

iCloud synchronization is enabled by default. I’m talking about the…

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