Are tech pundits lending a hand in crushing Windows Phone 8? PCMag’s Sascha Segan thinks so.

Segan argues that Windows Phone 8 is a solid mobile operating system that has a chance to compete with the iPhone and Android. The problem, in Segan’s view, is that pundits are all too eager to point out Windows Phone 8 ‘s app deficiency compared to other platforms, and that their negativity is killing the zeitgeist and scaring developers away:

Windows Phone has a lot going for it. For people who like Xbox, for people who use Microsoft office software, for people whose friends don’t all have iPhones or even just for people who like the cool interface of live tiles. Before we bury it, let’s give the darn thing a chance.

I agree with a lot of Segan’s points, including the idea that the iPhone-Android duopoly could use fresh competition.

I also…

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