Are you aware that Google’s shopping search engine, unlike the company’s other search offerings, doesn’t give you a list of results based purely on relevance — not how much third parties are willing to pay to get into the rankings? You would be if you’d perused Scroogled, a new site which discusses the topic in great detail and says, “We say that when you limit choices and rank them by payment, consumers get Scroogled. For an honest search result, try Bing.”

Scroogled would make that suggestion: It was created by Microsoft, and is part of the company’s off-and-on efforts to attract consumers to Bing by sniping at Google on ethical grounds. (Another recent example: Microsoft ran ads publicizing a $22.5 million penalty Google paid to the FTC after being found to have tracked Safari users without permission.)

I’m glad that Microsoft takes its search war with Google seriously…

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